Monday, April 23, 2007

the curse of those amazing 'Mats

Those nutty perfectionists in Guns n' Roses recently canceled upcoming performances in Japan and South Africa due to bassist Tommy Stinson (second from left), formerly of the Replacements, spraining his hand after falling down a flight of stairs. Back in December former Replacements leader Paul Westerberg (far right) "put a screwdriver through his left hand trying to get some wax out of a candle and cut some nerves and ripped some cartilage and hurt himself pretty bad," according to Jim Walsh on his blog.

Westerberg's doctors told him he wouldn't be able to play guitar for a year. Stinson's doctors told him he has a better chance of dying from his sprained hand than Guns n' Roses has of releasing
Chinese Democracy before the end of this decade. Chris Mars (left) and Bob "Slim" Dunlap (not pictured), if I were you I'd keep my fingers out of any and all garbage disposals for the time being.

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