Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a Wayne Shorter-free weather report

On the morning of February 1, just a few hours before Chicago was hit by its biggest blizzard since 1999, sent me an e-mail with this subject heading: "Weather Advisory - Chicago & Vicinity."

"Here in the Midwest, we know how to deal with the snow," the e-mail said. "The BIG STORY is that very soon, things will be heating up in Chicago."

Needless to say, this fake severe-weather warning was no help earlier today when I found myself wading through 18-inch-tall snowdrifts in shorts and flip-flops. I probably should've read the next paragraph of the e-mail before heading outside:

"The Weather Center has issued a HEAT ADVISORY for Saturday February 12th at the DuSable Museum in Chicago. It is going to be HOT."

February 12? Way to bury the lede,

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