Monday, May 18, 2009

Sam Worthington has a terrific agent.

Who's Sam Worthington, you ask? Exactly. I'm pretty sure I've never heard of him before, but his name’s above the title, right next to Christian Bale's, on posters and billboards for Terminator: Salvation. I haven't seen a single TV ad yet that links his name to a face, but make no mistake—Sam Worthington's agent is the best agent in the whole wide world, and later this year the Australian actor will appear in Avatar, James Cameron's first feature film since Titanic 12 years ago. (Cameron also directed the first two Terminator films.)

Most publications are spelling the new Terminator movie's name without a colon before the word "salvation," but I refuse. Call me a punctuation maverick if you want (seriously—I need some sort of notoriety), but without that colon in the middle I start getting my hopes up about a sci-fi epic that centers on deadly cyborgs attending church. That movie sounds like a ton of fun, but despite the contrast of religion and science that's implicit in Terminator: Salvation's name, I doubt any robots will be baptized, unless you count "by fire."

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