Sunday, September 28, 2008

You can have this one for free, Republicans.

This photo was taken on Thursday, September 11, in New York City, when senators John McCain and Barack Obama participated in a Time magazine-sponsored forum on national service at Columbia University. Doesn't Obama look scary in this picture? Doesn't he look like he's threatening the white-haired old white man? That's not what he was doing, but doesn't it look like that's what he's doing? And isn't that worth more than the thousand words Democrats could use to justify the thousand other things that were probably going through Obama's mind at that particular moment?

Do you want your next president to threaten your sweet, defenseless, white-haired grandpa, America? On November 4, vote for the white-haired man. He only threatens our godless enemies. Plus his running mate is totally do-able!

(Paid for by the Committee to Elect a President Who Isn't Mean to Grandpas or Grandmas or Puppies or Rainbows.)


  1. it looks to me like obama is trying to look serious but wants to laugh because he just farted.

  2. Palin do-able? Hell no. I'd rather have an orgy with Margaret Thatcher, Selma Bouvier and Dorothy from the Golden Girls.

  3. Your views on elder care are eye-opening, Any Major Dude. You're a maverick!