Monday, February 20, 2006


Now that I'm 30 years old, shouldn't I be able to sign my name in cursive without screwing it up every single time? I still have a fourth-grader's signature for the most part. And if someone's waiting for me to sign something—say, a check or a lease—I get performance anxiety and screw up my signature even more. If people were to look very closely at my signature, they'd see that I sometimes spell my first name "Robet." Even though most new technology makes me feel sad and old (and a little angry, since most new technology is supposed to make life more convenient, and therefore some of us—I won't point fingers, especially not at myself—become even lazier than we already were), I was grateful when my bank gave me my first check card in 2000, because writing checks at the grocery store was always a ticking-time-bomb experience for me.

And in other equally unimportant news, I lost my hat on the bus today. Not good in this winter weather. Two Sundays ago my scarf was taken from the coat room of a theater where I was performing. Probably taken by accident, especially since there's hardly any light in that coat room, but had the scarf been returned by last night? No. Thanks, accidental thief (and fellow performer, so don't think I won't be able to sniff you out ... if I had the time or inclination to do so, that is ... which I don't ... bastard).

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