Friday, February 24, 2006

public transportation

Here's something I read the other day in an e-mail at work:

Recently, on two separate occasions, I have found myself seated on a [Chicago] bus with roach infestation. I understand that it is not always the easiest job to keep the buses clean due to rider negligence but I am unaware if routine bug spraying takes place. On the first incident, 5 roaches found their way out of a back panel on one of the newest buses. While in the second incident one roach found its way along the back of the chairs in the rear after emerging from another enclosed section.

So in case the woman with X-treme bad breath sitting next to you, or the guy with the Discman turned up way too loud who's singing random bits of songs for the listening pleasure of no one, or the man throwing his trash on the floor of the bus, movie theater-style, isn't enough for your daily commute, now you also get to deal with roaches. So far I haven't seen any roaches on the bus. Not the insect kind, anyway. (Sorry, roaches, but even you know your reputation isn't good. Yeah, yeah, I knowyou'll show us all during the upcoming nuclear winter. But you've been saying that since the late '50s. It's lost some of its oomph over the years.)

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