Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but just like other things in life, once I noticed how people in Chicago yawn in public without covering their mouths I wondered, Has this been happening ever since I moved here and I've been completely blind to it up until now? I've seen too many pretty girls make the stupidest faces while yawning in public. Chicago, you look ridiculous opening your mouth as far as it can go, like a snake about to swallow a field mouse, so stop it. I'm serious. Don't make me bring out my lion again. He wasn't too happy when I woke him from that nap.

Writing about yawning makes me yawn. It's not just a visual stimulus. How 'bout that.

Cliched pet peeve #2,086: it's amazing how much crap people put in the refrigerator at work. Even after they're not told not to. Even though we're all adults, so let's act like adults. I love the scene at the beginning of Election when Matthew Broderick's character is disgustedly throwing out decaying food from the teachers' lounge fridge and accidentally misses the trash can when he tosses out a carton of Chinese food. The janitor sees the Chinese food on the floor and grimaces, and this incident eventually leads to Broderick's downfall. I need to watch that movie again. (Of course, I say this about all of my favorite movies that I haven't watched in a long time.)

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