Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beau knows how to give tough love.

Here's what I said to my friend Beau on Monday about the freelance proofreading and copy-editing I've been doing lately: "I much prefer the smaller assignments from this restaurant company." Here's what he said back to me: "I think I've heard enough of your whining. Extra work is good, boy."

Good point, Beau. But you should've added, "Do you say things like 'I much prefer' in conversation? I hope not. Makes you sound like a pretentious A-hole." Another good point, Beau, even if I'm the one who thought of it.

I do think it's silly that when I'm given the opportunity to do something I can do well and want to do and I'm going to be paid well to do it, I then start to think of 85 different things I'd rather be doing than the work I've been assigned. And yes, even if I were being paid to write or perform comedy, I'd still procrastinate for hours on end. I wonder if sex slaves feel the same way about their work. (I bet the "slave" part of their job title makes them more ambivalent about their work than the "sex" part.)

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