Wednesday, April 4, 2007

quote of the day

"Josh Rouse's version [of Bread's 'It Don't Matter to Me'] is amazing," says Xavier Boyer, lead singer of Tahiti 80, on the band's MySpace page. "Let me put it this way—Big Star's a tougher version of Bread."

Boyer's right—Rouse's version of that Bread chestnut is great. The same goes for Tahiti 80, whose cover of the Chi-Lites' "Give It Away" gives me chills. I should write about them sometime, and not just because they endorse pandas who wear neckties. They're a terrific pop group who deserve attention.

1 comment:

  1. How did I not know anything at all about this Bread tribute until now? I'll be seeking it out ASAP...and hopefully I can get my hands on it before Tuesday, when I'm actually doing a phone interview with Josh Rouse!