Monday, April 23, 2007

No one believes me either when I tell them I'm Bill Withers.

From Lee Bailey's 2006 interview with Bill Withers, at

"I'm not really famous. I can go out right now and you and me could walk around all over town and probably more people will know who you are than me. I get a lot of calls to find out if I died or not. I got a call earlier this month from Jesse Jacksonhe wanted to know whether I died or not. He said his wife was walking around the house upset because she heard that I had died.... I'm used to it by now.

"I was at Roscoe's Chicken and Wafflesthis is a true storythis was maybe within two years ago. There were some sisters sitting at the next table and they were talking about some 'Bill Withers song,' you know. So I thought I'd have some funI leaned over and said, 'You won't believe this, but I'm Bill Withers.' And this lady said, 'No you're not. Bill Withers is dark-skinned, darker than I am.' And she was a dark-skinned sister. So even if I'm standing there, people argue. So I just let it go."

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