Friday, February 23, 2007

Boston and its wicked retarded reaction to guerrilla marketing

Here at Mulberry Panda 96, I like to stay on top of breaking news. Did you hear about that thing in Boston a few weeks ago? Well, thanks to patience and lots of procrastination, I finally have some perspective on it. Here's what I think: Boston, you looked foolish when you panicked over those Aqua Teen Hunger Force ads. Even your own citizens were laughing at you. So you felt really embarrassed, and what do embarrassed cities do when other cities laugh at them? They get crazy pissed.

Which is . Hey, it happens. Remember Chicago in the summer of '68? Not a single hippie has been spotted here since that summer. You showed 'em, Chicago!

Boston's reaction also reminds me of an incident from my own life a few months ago. Luckily I didn't have to resign from my job because of my sociopath coworker's embarrassment, but the head of Cartoon Network, Jim Samples, did feel compelled to resign. Samples was the head of when I started working there in 2000. Nice guy, and good at his job. And maybe guerrilla marketing has gotten out of hand, but the fact that those Aqua Teen Lite-Brite-esque ads had already been up for two or three weeks in plenty of other major U.S. cities, like New York and Chicago, and hadn't caused any panic makes Boston's reaction seem even sillier. If New York didn't freak out, doesn't that prove the ads were fairly innocuous?

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