Friday, February 2, 2007

another word that should be retired in 2007

I heard "poop" too much in '06. Sure, it's a hilarious word if you're five, but why do adults in America find bodily functions so funny? Damn this puritan heritage of ours. We'll never move past it. (P.S., ladies: I don't need to know what you do in the bathroom. Ever. Do you hear me? Especially if you're attractive. Or related to me. I'm not denying you have the same functions as me. More power to you. But I'd rather not know.)


  1. you and matt horgan and z.....

    i don't mind, and i think it is usually funny. It has to be the right joke though.

  2. oh, robert. ladies are people too.

  3. No they're not, Carrie!

    Tonight on "30 Rock," I heard "poop" twice, "vagina" five or six times, and even the phrase "I pooted," with fart noise included. Obviously Tina Fey & Co. don't read this blog. Their loss, dude.