Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Andy Dick's new album

Andy Dick's new stand-up/music album came out today. It's called Do Your Shows Always Suck? 

A lot of people I know think Andy Dick isn't funny. But they think Family Guy is hilarious, so we'll call it even. I generally prefer a less abrasive approach to comedy, but there's something about Dick's timing and commitment to his shtick that I've loved ever since I first saw him on The Ben Stiller Show back in '92. I never saw NewsRadio during its original run on NBC, but Dick's sketch show, The Andy Dick Show (MTV, 2001-'03), had its moments, and The Assistant (MTV, 2004) was a great parody of the reality-TV genre that allowed Dick to act like a dick (or be a dick, depending on how "real" you think the show was) and comment on his "Hollyweird" image all at once.

AllMusic.com's review of Do Your Shows Always Suck? isn't favorable, and judging by the track titles, I don't think I'll be buying it. Dick has probably been helped more often than he's been hindered by network censors who won't let him say, or at least will bleep out, whatever foul-mouthed thought comes to his mind. I'd like to think he's better off when he has to rise to the challenge.

Here are some of the track names:

"Beautiful Urinal"
"Dip Your Cock in Vodka"
"Cock & Balls"
"Cancerous Testical"
"Jerkin' Off a Wombat"
"Before AYDS Came Out"
"Damn Good Pussy"
"Poke a Hontas"
"Leonard's Ass Is Bleeding"
"Dirty Sanchez-V-Hot Karl"
"Mom, You Fucking Whore"

And probably the most telling of all:

"Look at Me"

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