Friday, January 5, 2007

two words that should be retired in 2007

I think "vagina" and "douchebag" should go away this year. We all overused them in 2006. If you're a doctor I think you should still use "vagina" when addressing your female patients' problems, but otherwise it should stop being used so much as a funny word. And "douchebag" really seemed to take off in 2006, but let's give it some time to hibernate. Unless you're a doctor who has to hand out free douchebags to his female patients who have vaginas, of course.


  1. Arrrghhh, thought you were gonna say "unless you're a vagina doctor who has...female patients with vaginas, of course."
    Can you say that?

    BTW, I kinda agree. They were overused.

  2. I'd also like to add:
    "raped in the face"
    et al

    I know, there goes half my schtick!

  3. Agreed. Continue to add to the list here if you like. I will now modify the post to include your suggestions from January 7. Comedy is all about collaboration.