Sunday, January 14, 2007

about a grotesquely obscene car

I just saw a commercial that features Badly Drawn Boy's great song "About a Boy," from the soundtrack of the movie of the book of the same name. The commercial was for Hummer.

Is BDB (not to be confused, of course, with Bush I-era supergroup Bell Div Bevoe) donating the royalties he makes from this commercial to environmental causes the way Moby did earlier in the decade? I don't know. Maybe he lives under a rock and thinks the Hummer is some sort of musical toy for children. Or maybe he thinks he's going to be compensated with another kind of hummer.


  1. Yeah, i noticed that, too. Kinda sickening. I love that song, too. Though, I'm gonna correct you on something, the name of the song is, I believe, "Something to talk about" by BDB.
    I'm a fact-checker, too! I just don't get paid for it. ...

  2. You're right. Dammit!!!! And just when I was starting to get high and mighty about the New Yorker's lack of fact-checking ...