Monday, September 10, 2007


While I take my sweet time finishing longer posts, here's a fake movie trailer that my friend Mary introduced me to sometime in '05 or '06. It's an expertly edited parody-slash-"remix" that still makes me laugh.


  1. Love this trailer. The use of Peter Gabriel is just perfect, and I love the way he says "Shining."

  2. yep. i think this was the best. i got reeeeal tired of ALLL of the fake trailers that then started popping up everywhere for every famous movie. i bet there are 300 Brokeback Mountain parody trailers. wonder how many "300" got?


  3. The "Brokeback to the Future" trailer was well done, but there were way too many "Brokeback Mountain" jokes going around early last year. I'm sure you heard lots of them in Dad's Garage improv shows just as I heard lots of them in ImprovOlympic shows. Almost all of them struck me as a "safe" way to be homophobic.