Wednesday, May 2, 2007

still dying

From IMDB's gossip (not news) page, written by British reporters:

Bruce Willis turned the air blue at a live basketball game on Sunday when he used the expletive "mother f**ker" at the end of an interview. The Die Hard star was interviewed courtside during the New Jersey Nets' NBA Finals play-off game with the Toronto Raptors and forgot he was live on air. Asked about his upcoming Live Free or Die Hard sequel, he beamed, "It's unbelievable ... It's better than the first movie," and signed off, "Yippee Kay Aye, mother f**ker." Ironically, the outburst comes as Willis insists he's not "naughty" enough for the tabloids in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair magazine. He says, "They're not writing about guys my age anymore unless I do something naughty."

Look, you limey muckrakers, over here in America we spell "motherfucker" as one word, not two. While we're at it, "yippee-kay-aye" doesn't need all those capital letters either. (Didn't you guys invent the English language? I guess America invented the rules of punctuation.)

But the real problem that needs to be addressed here isn't spelling, or even that Bruce Willis corrupted the ears of grade-school hoops fans. The real problem is that Willis said Live Free or Die Hard is "better than the first movie." In the interview Willis appears to have had one too many jumbo beers, but that's no excuse—it's irritating to hear entertainers of any stripe disown one of their past endeavors, but it's more irritating to hear them over-hype their latest product, especially after Willis made a statement a few years ago that the first Die Hard is the only good one of the first three. I'm 99.9% sure he didn't offer that opinion to reporters while promoting Die Hard 2 in 1990 and Die Hard: With a Vengeance in '95.

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