Friday, May 4, 2007

Oh, the lyrics you'll mishear ...

Ten years ago I remember listening to Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes' classic "Bad Luck" (1975) and thinking Teddy Pendergrass was singing, "Marv Albert plainly states that chances go around."

I knew that couldn't be right, but I also couldn't figure out what T.P. was actually saying for the longest time, partly because I never bothered to listen to "Bad Luck" on headphones. Then Web sites devoted to song lyrics came along (many of them sneak-attack visitors with pop-up ads and are poorly designed and/or fact checked, but they do provide a valuable service in our 24-7 information age). It turns out Pendergrass is saying, "Law of averages plainly states that chances go around," except he ignores the plural and spits out "law 'f average" as fast as he can, because time and the MFSB rhythm section wait for no one.

Way to beat the buzzer, Teddy. Or, as Marv Albert might say: YES!!!!

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