Friday, June 16, 2006


I'm realizing now that I fucking snapped yesterday. Why, boy, why?

I'm done testing my theory that most guys will talk the talk without ever getting close to walking the walk. After three unofficial experiments since April '04, it's time to retire the stance of "Let me get my point across but without physically threatening you" and seeing how far that rubberband can stretch on the receiving end.

In happier news, I like baby laughter.

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  1. Heya. I like baby laughter too. :)

    Thanks for all the thoughtful commentary on my blog. Duly noted editing corrections about Mungo vs. Mongo, the Isley Brothers track (is that file I posted actually Parts 1&2?) and Wanderley (changed in my iTunes).

    And your thoughts on Cheap Trick made me laugh. I'm sure all the inner-city kids listen to it. What did you think of "This Moment" by Matthew Sweet?