Sunday, February 10, 2008

This panda was just hibernating.

In case any of my 2.4 readers care, Mulberry Panda 96 isn't going to become one of those blogs that used to have new stuff to read every week for a few months but now looks like it'll only be updated on the 12th of never. I started a bunch of drafts last fall that I never finished, but now I'm finally in the process of finishing them as a way of productively procrastinating instead of writing my weekly piece for Popdose, which is always late.

Here are three completed posts that I started writing prior to January:

9/18: Blythe Danner should've married David Gates.
9/25: slow news day
"Escape from Cleveland"
12/10: These Carpenters never performed any miracles.

I apologize in advance to anyone who was hoping for a reference to Bread in the 9/25 and 11/21 posts. If you can think of a way to sneak one in after the buzzer, please let me know.

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