Sunday, July 29, 2007

didn't see it coming

On Friday afternoon I walked over to the post office to return The Fabulous Baker Boys to Netflix. As I walked in I saw a tall, heavy-set man pushing a frail, elderly woman in a wheelchair. I started to think about life, death, my parents, my grandparents and other older relatives who've passed away, how my nieces are the future made tangible, how parents and children eventually switch roles, how it all makes sense but how none of it is fair for either party ... when suddenly, as I began to make my exit, I heard the woman in the wheelchair bark, "Hurry up!" The tall, heavy-set man replied—in a voice very similar to Mr. Peabody from those old Jay Ward cartoons—"Mother, be quiet!"

Three hours later I was still laughing. I love when life surprises me like that.

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