Saturday, June 9, 2007

belated snickering

Last summer I took major umbrage, dude, with Snickers' latest ad campaign. But so did others. And I'm not sure when I scribbled the note "hungerectomy" to myself, but since I'm trying to catch up on things and do some overdue spring cleaning, here's a mouthwatering picture for you:

I think the only other Snickers-created word I failed to be obnoxious about in the past year was "substantialiscious," which is the easiest of the buzzwords to read and comprehend at first glance, but Snickers spelled this made-up word wrong! I know, I know—how could they possibly spell a made-up word incorrectly? Well, here's my reasoning—the "-iscious" at the end should just be "-icious," as in "delicious." Where'd that pesky S come from?

I don't know when Snickers finally introduced their buzzwords online, but now we can all see the official definitions for ourselves. I'm a little disappointed in the violent imagery conveyed by "hungerectomy": "a highly precise procedure involving your hunger getting punched in the face, dragged into an alley, and robbed." I was hoping for something more hospital-based, I guess. In that setting you'd still get robbed, but an HMO would be the most likely culprit.

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