Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy birthday, faithful reader!

Today is Beau Johnson's birthday. Well, December 28th is his birthday. I'm posting this entry after midnight on December 28, but the posting time that's showing up is Pacific Standard Time. How do I change that? Sorry, Beau, too late, can't stop the birthday wishing magic now.

Beau is 1 of my 1.7 readers. But even though Beau is 1, he is also 32 years young(ish) today. Beau lives in Charleston, South Carolina. Beau is married to Kristen and has an infant son named Parker. Beau plays guitar and sings in a band called Slackwater.
Beau has a full head of hair, which I envy much more than his domestic bliss because I am vain. Beau has been a friend since high school, although I didn't really get to know him until after college and we discovered we both had jobs that allowed us to send lots of e-mail. Happy birthday, Beau Bowie Johnson.

(The picture you see of Beau makes him look like he's maybe a little too enthusiastic about average American beer. He isn't. Well, maybe he is—I haven't seen him in a long time. But sometimes he talks about more sophisticated foreign beers in his e-mails, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.)


  1. actually, the beer in front of him appears to be one of those more sophisticated beers. Pretty sure Miller High Life has never and never will come out with an "Amber." Too much for the mind to handle.

  2. I can't believe you started coming here again just so you could argue with me! Grrrrranimal!!!!!!

  3. Yeah, i don't think i got a separate b-day blog, and we're fellow LIBRANS?! Oh, yeah, you sent me awesome cd's that are the only ones in my car. only ones for a month.
    And you call that 1st comment arguing?!?! That's not an argument! I'll show you an argument! wait, no, i'm a libra. so, get on my sarcastic-comment-tone-wavelength, man!
    And get your hand out of your pants! I'm right here!

  4. P.S. I visit your blog, time to time, i just have to get used to commenting again, cuz we all went so long being shunned! Again! Not Arguing! ...Happy New Year! (tomorrow) (US)