Sunday, October 11, 2009


I used to like making lists of things when I was younger: favorite movies, biggest-grossing movies, favorite songs, favorite TV shows, girls I liked. It went on and on.

I don't like making lists of things anymore. Now I waste my time in more mature ways, like endlessly moving stacks of old newspapers and newspaper clippings around my apartment.

I'm proud of myself.


  1. Hello, Mulberry Panda 96.

    I happened upon your blog --- the way one happens upon random things while seeking other random thing on the interweb. I found your blog to be very well written, and you use a webpage-slash-blogging platform with which I am already familiar. Low maintenance. Except for the actual writing part. Anyway, I've been on the threshold of beginning such a blogging project myself.

    Any tips on starting-up "internationally broadcast scratch paper" (i.e. low profile, occasional musings only be read on the computers of friends, well-wishers and random global strangers)?

    Colonel Chris' Dog And Pony Show

  2. It all depends on what interests you. I see that you like "Godfather" one and two but not three. Anything you would've done differently with part three? (I never saw it, but I heard Sofia Coppola's great!) Maybe that could be your first post.

    It took me a year with this blog to feel comfortable with what I was writing, and though most of my "serious" writing is posted at, I still enjoy having little slivers of ideas that I can use here. And as you said, you never know which random global strangers will find you.

    If you don't get many comments on your blog, don't worry about it, though it can be hard at times to escape the feeling that comments somehow validate what you're doing. Just keep at it and keep writing about what interests you.

  3. Thanks, brother.

    I'm anticipating getting no comments, so that isn't a concern. This exercise is to be cathartic, and to keep various people I know up to speed.

    Sofia Coppola, by the way, wasn't the problem with Godfather III. She's mis-cast, to be sure, but only because she isn't physically as hot as her character is supposed to be. It really should have been Winona Ryder.

  4. I still find it strange that Winona is a natural blonde in real life.

    Why did she turn down that part in "Godfather III"? Scheduling problems?

  5. That is curious. I'd never heard that Winona is blonde before. I'll have to double check that with my 'sources', but it seems plausible.

    I heard it was a scheduling conflict as well. I also heard that they intended to get Robert Duvall to return to his role of Tom Higgins, but they couldn't meet his fee, so they got George Hamilton instead. That, in fact, almost summarizes the whole movie. I have nothing whatsoever against George Hamilton. He's fine. And very tan. But he's not even in the same league as Duvall.

    The first two movies were Robert-Duvall-caliber. The third was George-Hamilton-caliber.

  6. I do remember reading that Duvall wanted the same amount Pacino was getting. When Paramount refused, he dropped out. I can see both sides of that argument.

    Do you like "I" or "II" more? I haven't seen "II" in 15 years, so I'd have to see both again — as well as "III" — to make any kind of judgment call.