Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the controversy over "buddies"

What a raging controversy this has become amongst me and my 1.7 readers! Fine, Beau, call your friends "buddies." All I'm saying is that I've known some frat-type meatheads and wannabe meatheads who call their friends "buddies," and it's usually a sure sign that they're tools in case I hadn't figured that out already.

Case closed? The 1.7 comments I've received about this so far have really rattled me, so I want to set the record straight. (Rattling ceases. Fade out.)


  1. I call my cats "buddy" from time to time.
    Am I a tool, Robert? Am I a tooool?
    wait. don't answer that.

  2. I will let the controversy over buddies drop, and begin the controversy over no comments showing up! Comment moderator is a censoring tyrant!
    ...Or just really busy.